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PART III: RIOTS: One Race: The Human Race

Violent Marxist anarchists, who are infiltrating peaceful protests, some supposedly paid, are sabotaging our human and civil rights to promote legality, freedom, peace and equality. They are working hard to subvert, divert and derail urgent positive change and much-needed steps towards equality, through destruction, violence, mayhem, mayhem, destruction and even murder – the Enemy’s best tools. These destructive and violent agitators revel in the fear they impose on the American people en masse, celebrating their ‘best work’. But they don’t realize or remember that chaos never prevails, evil never wins… They will eventually be held accountable for their violent acts, not only before public authorities, but before God himself…

The following is a biblical passage that speaks volumes about the people who are most affected by such hate and fear-mongering:

“Fear not: I am with you;

do not worry: I am your God.

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10

Putting aside the distracting violence that is taking place now, competing with the pursuit of a higher calling to end racism in America, we must try to put aside all emotion and stay focused. There is no ‘master race’. In God’s eyes, no one is better than anyone else. Everyone needs to be heard and protected from harm, regardless of their origin, gender, creed or ethnicity. All the world. Mayors and governors and authorities can no longer abdicate their responsibility to quell lawless violence. Rather, these officials must defend the freedom and preservation of this beautiful country, thus of all citizens, to protect peace-loving people, in accordance with the constitution. There must be serious consequences for those who choose to implement violence and leave destruction in their wake. These elected politicians are responsible for preserving our civil rights, instead of bowing to the whims of subversives who seek to destroy, harm and confuse. And dedicated police officers are an important factor in the legality equation. Defunding the police is just a tactic to promote anarchy and fear, and a devastating non-option.

America is a diverse nation, one nation, one race under God, with things in common beyond measure. Legality and public security are basic human rights, civil rights that must be defended in the search for freedom. We are all one people, one family; equal, wonderfully made with love, in the image of God. Perhaps it is time that we accept that fact, that absolute truth, both in our efforts to contain lawlessness and in our work for racial equality.

This biblical scripture reminds us all that no one is out of God’s sight, no one is out of his reach. With God at the helm, there is no reason or place for division, nor fear; there is only peace in Him that can be found in every situation. God is Our Creator, the author of peace, not confusion. As members of the human race, we are all parts of one body; The human race. We must all respect and treat all people of the human race with love, respect, care and equality. As Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, recently said, “There is only one race: the human race.”

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