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Business admin 

Qualities of a successful entrepreneur

Modern business is very complex. Due to scientific and technological advances, rapid changes are taking place in all business fields. High-speed computers, new mathematical and statistical tools are providing an explosion of knowledge to the entrepreneur. As the business world changes, the businessperson or entrepreneur has to acquire the basic development skills for the effective […]

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Beauty has never been easier to obtain

Beauty is something that all people aspire to, yet you never want to start new practices without understanding more. By learning about beauty measures and safest practices to follow, you can find a greater pace in your quest to achieve the beauty you want. You can get a great look with one of these beauty […]

Sports admin 

Hills as Green Iquanas (Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 1971)

The hills near Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, a peninsula in the south, were luscious and filled with tall, wet green foliage, and had its share of lizards, including the giant iguanas (six to seven feet ): green and three-eyed reptiles. In the most plateau area below those high, scenic hills, along the South China Sea, […]

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Actors: there is an app for that

There are numerous applications for phones that will make the life of the actor easier. Knowledge of these tools can increase the efficiency of learning one’s trade, as well as improve marketing efforts. This article highlights the basic types of applications available, plus the benefits and caveats of their use. The life of an actor […]