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Guide on how to talk to girls

So you want to learn how to talk to girls? What makes you think it’s different from talking to your mother? See, this is the biggest problem with most guys. They think that talking to girls should be done in a “special” or “seductive” way. This is wrong, wrong, wrong! This article tells you why… […]

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Travel Nursing Series: Travel Nursing in Greece

Why do people travel? Perhaps simple wanderlust prompts people to see new places and have new experiences or the need to get away from stress or everyday pressures at home or work. Some may want to make a religious pilgrimage to a holy site or a new career may appeal to them. Whatever the reason, […]

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Why do auto insurance rates vary from state to state?

You may be asking this question if you have just moved from one state to another or if you know someone in another state whose insurance premium is significantly higher or lower than yours. For example, if you live in New York, your friend in Pennsylvania may receive a cheaper auto insurance quote than you […]

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Why not reinvent the wheel?

“Why go and reinvent the wheel?” It is a question that has been around for centuries; right? Here’s a better question: Why not reinvent the wheel? As a Peak Performance Trainer, I do a lot of personal development training for adults and children alike. I love kids! They don’t think like us adults. Children are […]