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Lake Tawakoni, Texas

Lake Tawakoni was impounded in 1960 and is located on the Sabine River in Texas. It is approximately 15 miles from Greenville TX. It has 37,879 acres of water with a maximum depth of 70 feet. and a pool level of 437 ft. Lake Tawakoni Texas (TX) is located on the South Fork and Cowleech […]

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Payroll Software: Top Five Time Savers

Do you feel stressed when it comes time to complete your payroll? Take advantage of the tools available within the payroll software to eliminate your stress and shorten your payroll processing time. Here are some time savings that can have a drastic impact on your payroll processing. 1. Get rid of spreadsheets. Most companies keep […]

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Amateur to professional photography

Every DSLR/camera owner who chooses photography as a career has to make this decision one day or another. Here I share my personal experience as a sincere professional wedding photographer for more than 2 years, this article applies to all verticals of photography, such as ‘Wildlife or Fashion Photography’ or any other. • You have […]

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How much do I need from my garden?

Every year, outfielders face one of two situations. You see it every year when courgettes are planted and if you are a parent you will have heard this statement from your children too many times. “Zucchini again?” The other situation is when the garden does not produce enough produce to get through the season. In […]

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The Chronicles of Madness – Episode 45

In our 45th episode of Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the madness sweeping through our college campuses. Remember, insanity is a state of serious mental illness, extremely foolish behavior, and a frantic or chaotic form of activity. Let’s take a look at the craziness on campus. A young woman from the University of […]

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How to dye gray hair with henna

Henna does not cover gray hair – it is written on the product box and is part of the culture of hair coloring. But times have changed. And it’s no longer a choice between going gray or using a commercial hair dye. There are two ways to cover gray hair with henna. 1. Henna kits […]

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The best real estate website to use

With thousands of Real Estate websites, finding the right one can be a challenge. Do a Google search and you’ll find the most popular real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Refine. Once you get past the first page, even less popular sites now have the same home search features. So how does a home […]