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slaves and cowards

“The slaves had options: escape, rebel, die. Cowards only have consequences.” Franklin, from the Broadway musical, “Passing Strange.” July 1st found us sitting in a theater in New York City, celebrating our first wedding anniversary by going to see a Broadway musical. Now, expect great entertainment in the city that never sleeps, and we’ve got […]

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Android vs. IOS

Right now Android and iOS are very common words for techies and smartphone users. Android is a Linux-based operating system designed for smartphones and tablets developed by Google. On the other hand, iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. History: First of all, Android Inc. was an independent company, then […]

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Durability and Beauty of Granite

It’s no wonder that granite has been used for thousands of years in every conceivable application where there has been a need for exposure to the elements. There are not many materials that have more varied uses than granite. It can be a boring and uninteresting stone, or quite colorful and beautiful. The only endearing […]

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7 key rules for maintaining your car tires

In today’s world, maintenance and carelessness can determine the life of your tires. It’s hard enough to take care of each and every part of your vehicle to maintain performance or extend the life of one of your most valuable assets. Neglecting to maintain your car tires can be very costly. Pay attention to these […]