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Ahmedabad: Gujrat Metropolitan City – Sights to See

The growth engine in India, Gujarat is the most imperative tourist spot in the nation. Ahmedabad, one of its major metropolitan cities, is a place where old infrastructure meets modern infrastructure and has given rise to a major trading powerhouse. Ahmedabad has developed fascinating buildings, brilliant structures, excellent restaurants, exciting night markets and has a […]

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Home tips to lose weight

Excess weight is risky for health. Weight loss is a very difficult task for many. It is possible to lose weight very effectively by adopting some home methods. You can also try it. However, by avoiding anxiety, you can reduce excess weight by natural means. 1. Many people eat extra raw salt while eating. But […]

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Can childhood acne lead to teenage acne?

Do you notice rashes and pimples on your newborn’s delicate skin? It must be infant acne, but don’t worry, it’s normal for babies to have acne too. This form of acne, also called infantile acne, is common among one-month-old babies. However, there are also some cases where pimples are already present right after birth. It […]