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Take black and white photos

It is often believed that good photos are those with beautiful colors. However, there are other forms of photography such as black and white, monochrome, infrared, etc. There is much more than just bright colors in images. Photography is the recording of light regardless of color and the result. Black and white has been popular […]

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Matthew McConaughey: two for the money

Are you addicted to gambling? Is sports betting legal? Sports betting is big business on the internet and there are more betting websites than ever before! Walter Abrams (Al Pacino) and Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) give you a sneak peek into the secretive world of sports betting. Picture yourself, getting ready to put a thousand […]

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The psychology of happiness

Much has been written about happiness and from psychology to philosophy, different theories of happiness have focused on themes of contentment, contentment, and even spiritual liberation. But happiness is one of the most subjective states of mind, and several factors can be at play when a person is truly happy. While anger or fear might […]