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My husband says things that hurt me, how do I handle it?

I often hear from people who have various troublesome problems within their marriage. A relatively common theme is when one of the spouses gets into the habit of throwing hurtful comments or words so often that it almost becomes a habit. This can very negatively affect your marriage and compromise the way your spouse thinks […]

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How to survive a layoff or downsizing

Layoffs used to be temporary in nature. This meaning has now changed because, for a long time, this term has been used to refer to the permanent elimination of employees as part of the cost reduction measure. One of the most difficult situations in an employee’s life is when the main source of income comes […]

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5 main signs that your mare is about to give birth

You decided to breed your favorite mare. You spent months choosing the perfect stallion to complement your mare so that you could have the foal of your dreams. You were excited when you first saw that black “spot” on the ultrasound monitor screen, and you were even more excited when there was a heartbeat. So, […]

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How to cook corn on the cob

There are actually several different ways to cook corn on the cob, and in this article I will discuss three of them. Depending on how you cook your corn, your corn will have several different flavor possibilities. The most common way to cook corn on the cob is to simply boil it. First, you need […]

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Pet Allergy: Diagnosis and Medications

Just as a human being can develop allergies, pets can present adverse health symptoms due to exposure to fleas, environmental and dietary allergens. Allergens can be inhaled, ingested, or come in contact with a pet’s skin, resulting in a variety of digestive, respiratory, or skin symptoms. Fortunately, there are reliable testing methods available to accurately […]