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Journey to the wondrous land of Dubai

Dubai has become one of the busiest destinations in the world in recent years and many cheap flights to Dubai are offered by major tour and travel companies. The world-class city is part of the United Arab Emirates and quite comfortably located in the Middle East. This emirate is the most popular among buyers due […]

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Peyton Manning: Fantasy Dud or Fantasy Stud?

Statistically speaking, free agents who sign with a new team don’t produce impressive fantasy numbers in their debut season. Only a few have been in the top 10 at his position. Some examples of those few are: RB Darren Sproles: Last season Sproles left the San Diego Chargers and signed with the New Orleans Saints. […]

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Trim and Skim Fat

Recently, after extensive dental work, my dentist suggested that I go on a liquid diet. Being a girl from the south, I refused to drink only broth and water. Reluctantly, I went to the grocery store and bought the best soup on the shelves. I got home, opened the can and added my freshly ground […]