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Tips to keep raccoons out of your barbecue "Guest" ready

Our pesky neighbors, the raccoons, love summer as much as we do. We’re all about fresh fruits and veggies, grilled hotdogs, and a juicy burger, but so are they. Long after we’ve cleaned up from the backyard barbecue is when the raccoons start preparing for theirs. They insist on raiding and picking up our trash, and once they’re done, they leave their mess all over the yard. To ban an afterparty from rodents, here are five tips to keep raccoons from rummaging through your trash can.

1. Keep the trash can inside. Whether your boat is in the garage or another enclosed area, a heavy door as the only option for getting in and out will help keep trash in peace. Fortunately, raccoons can’t reach doorknobs!

two. Install a 100-watt motion detection light. If your trash can is kept outside, a motion detection light aimed at the area where your trash can is will help scare away raccoons and other pests at night. The bright flash of light will scare them away from continuing their raid.

3. Sprinkle hot pepper or cayenne pepper around the trash can. While some stores carry raccoon repellants, if you prefer to use a more natural method, hot pepper and cayenne pepper will do the same thing. A thin layer of seasoning will leave behind a strong odor that raccoons will avoid.

Four. Place a cloth soaked in ammonia in the bottom of the trash can. The smell of ammonia has been found to deter raccoons, so keeping the smell around your garbage at all times should help with the problem. Another option is to fill a spray bottle with ammonia and spray the perimeter of your garden to prevent them from entering altogether.

5. Use a bungee cord to secure the lid to the trash can. If pests can’t get in, there won’t be a mess. Using a bungee cord or string from a handle on the side of the can, through the handle on the lid, to the handle on the other side of the can should hold the lid in place and prevent entry of debris. unwanted visitors.

It’s also important to remember to always keep trash tied up in trash bags and keep a lid on the bin at all times. Using these tips should help with unwanted guests arriving at your party after hours and keep them out of the trash.

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