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The definition of green

The word “Green” is not the omni-term for anything environmental although there is a tendency to substitute the word “Green” for “Environmental”. Environmentalism is a broad topic that has several subdivisions. Under this great theme of environmentalism, we will find Green, Sustainable, Pollution and Conservation. Each of these subdivisions are a huge subject on their […]

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12 steps to divorce a drug addict

1. Put your trust in your God. The Universe is controlled by a divine power. Put your trust in the power of prayer and listen to the answers. Throughout my marriage, I prayed for the strength to get through some very difficult times. Not being an addict myself, I cannot understand putting a chemical in […]

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Ideas for websites just for fun

You see a lot online about building websites for money, but what if you just want to build websites for fun? You also need website ideas. There are many great website ideas that you can use to create websites in your spare time or as a hobby. Building sites can be fun and rewarding, especially […]