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Do it Your Way: Connecting with Customers and Members

Communicators have gotten lazy and cheap. When a new message is upon them, or when the last message did not reach the desired reach, the modern communicator can, unfortunately, be heard whispering “we will just post it on Facebook”. Real communication with your clients or members involves much more than just posting another post on […]

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Blood in Dog’s Stool and Urine: What’s Causing It?

The first thing to know is that blood in dog urine and feces can be attributed to many different causes, some of which are serious and life-threatening, while others are treatable diseases. Parasites or worms are common in dogs and puppies. Most puppies have roundworms and need deworming around five weeks of age. They can […]

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Four great games under 10 megabytes

Tired of expensive games on multiple CDs that take forever to install? Give them a try – it only takes a few minutes to download and the download is free. TwistyTracks (MumboJumbo) TwistyTracks is a charming and whimsical game in which the player rotates sections of the track, linking a railway to collect treasures, including […]

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Importance of towing services

The future is uncertain and full of unforeseen events. Imagine driving down a road that is a bit lonely and all of a sudden your car is having some problems and refusing to move an inch. In this scenario, the only thing that comes to mind is arriving safely at your destination. These types of […]

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Writers need a marketing plan, too

You are a writer. If your work is good enough, people will throw money at you, right? Yes, they will, but they need to know that you exist. And this means you need a marketing plan. What Marketing Works Best? All marketing works. But you need keep going, even when you don’t seem to get […]

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Koko Koko Nuggz Delta 8 Gummies and Benefits

Koko Nuggz Delta 8 Gummies and Benefits Koko Nutraburst is a weight loss supplement made by Koko Nutraburst Dworkin Nutrition. It is supposed to be a colon cleanser. However, if you want to lose weight, it is not going to do that because colon cleansing only works when you are taking an herbal dietary supplement. […]