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Break the comfort food stress cycle

You can’t explain it, but you know every once in a while you should have that bowl of ice cream, extra-large pizza, fudge, bowl of mashed potatoes, or half a pound of bacon and eggs fried in butter. Aside from these events, you generally do a pretty good job of managing your diet and if […]

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Catahoulas leopard pattern is so similar to leopard

A Catahoula with a light gray or tan coat will generally have almost identical spots to the leopard. This according to Darwinian theory would have been caused by natural selection. In this theory it was the result of natural selection in that it is a particularly effective camouflage in low light and cloudy conditions. A […]

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The new economy and the need for good grades

Paraphrasing Thomas Friedman, author of the world is flatwho paraphrased Bill Gates: Twenty years ago, from a purely financial career perspective, if I had the choice of being a “B” student from Brooklyn or an “A” student from Bombay, I would choose the former because America’s economic dominance was so complete that opportunities They were […]

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Aura Energy Boost

Aura boosting energy is a wonderful way to encompass and strengthen the energy that already resides in the layers of your aura, not to mention giving your physical body a boost of energy at the same time. So what is an aura booster? An aura booster is pretty much what you think it is, an […]