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Health Insurance Overview

Each person must have a health insurance policy. Mostly, it is provided by an employer to an employee so that he can cover his medical costs when he is sick. Most plans involve monthly payments and also involve deductibles and copays. Basically, there are four types of health insurance. They are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), […]

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Manage your dietary habits

Managing your dietary pattern can have a significant effect on your overall well-being. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and many more. To eat healthier foods, you may need to change some of your daily habits. To eat a healthy diet, you need to make some changes that can lead to better health. This […]

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CCSVI and LYME connection

CCSVI – Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency is a condition that in the last four years has been discovered in association with Multiple Skelorosis (MS) by Dr. Paulo Zamboni in 2008 after 10 years of research. It’s so new; they are not sure what causes it and how to prevent it. The assumption regarding Lyme is […]