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Texas Rangers – The Authorized Story

Raised in the Dallas, TX area, I have been a Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up attending Arlington Stadium and idolizing players like Pete O’Brien, Pete Incaviglia, and Steve Buechele. The Rangers lined up competitive teams during those years, but they always failed to make the postseason. Texas Rangers: […]

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What can sponsorship do for my business?

You know what I love about questions? All the juicy information you can get just by asking one. Grab your favorite taxi glass, mine is from Jordan Winery, and let’s talk about what sponsorship can do for you. WHAT IS SPONSORSHIP? Let’s start with the facts: What is sponsorship? Sponsorship is like advertising. Let me […]

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Beyond the dryer: the truth about bouncing

When visiting my favorite computer support website, I didn’t expect to find information on a common household product like Bounce brand dryer sheets. However, as with many successful Internet communities, the feature sometimes exceeds its original ambitions. There was a September 12th post that caught my eye, “Bounce This” filed in “The Doctor’s Lounge” (usually […]

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Open office cubicles – perks and benefits galore

Workspace solutions in large open buildings include open office cubicles that allow workers ample workspace, but also encourage water chiller connections. You need them to get the job done. They need the motivation to listen to others tapping on projects. How do you collectively gather workers into an office with extra space and still give […]

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The Stream and the Sapphire by Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov wrote many poems with unworldly themes throughout her career. For example, respect for nature and life, nothingness and absence, and despair with the world. There were also positive ideas and images about peace in death, the wandering search, gratitude for giving, wonder at mystery, and the dance of delight. It is as if […]

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Why doesn’t my boyfriend’s mom like me?

You are friendly and get along with everyone. But when it comes to your boyfriend’s mom, your charisma has no effect. What could be wrong with you? Whatever it is, you should be grateful for her existence, she is the reason you got to meet an amazing guy. So why does he despise you? Well, […]

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Acne: Make War Against Buttons!

Acne in adolescence is known to 80% of young people between the ages of 11 and 20. However, why do they suffer without action even though there are some solutions? What could be more common than teenage pimples? In point: the hormonal changes of puberty strongly stimulate the secretion of sebum. This overproduction of clogged […]