Month: 3 years ago

Business admin 

National Culture Vs Corporate Culture

Part A – General Why do people behave similarly? Do they have shared beliefs and values? Most likely, our minds shape our actions and once people speak the same language and do things in a similar way, they form a culture. Different cultures can be seen in countries, companies and communities. We grow up with […]

Home Kitchen admin 

Clean your cabinets for the best paint finish

Do it yourself cabinet painters, if you are wondering what the first step is to getting a good paint finish on your kitchen cabinets, then you should consider thoroughly cleaning your cabinets before doing anything else. Cabinets are the least clean surfaces in most kitchens. Most people clean countertops, stoves, sinks, and backsplash, but most […]

Gaming admin 

How to play Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a fun solitaire game that is quite different from normal solitaire: in most solitaire games, you build cards on a foundation, but in Pyramid Solitaire you remove the cards. Cards can only be removed when they total 13. With its easily recognizable design (shaped like a pyramid) and requiring a combination of […]