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Tours Travel admin 

Are travel incentives still working?

With more and more people keeping their precious dollars a little tighter these days, how can you convince them to drop some of it and buy your product or service and therefore keep you in business? Vacation incentives are one of the most attractive attraction methods. They can help struggling businesses maintain their customer base, […]

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Alternative investment funds regulation

What is an alternative investment fund (AIF)? The AIF is an investment vehicle grouped privately according to the Alternative Investment Funds Regulation that raises funds from investors, whether Indians or foreigners, to invest them according to an investment policy defined for the benefit of its investors. IDAs can take the form of a trust or […]

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9 healthy juices to drink during pregnancy

If you are looking to maintain a healthy diet during your pregnancy, pregnancy drink recipes / juices may be a good idea. Why Should You Drink Juice During Pregnancy? Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always recommended and is essential during pregnancy. This is not always a pleasant experience during pregnancy. You may feel nauseous, […]

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5 ideas to build a spectacular outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate dream for many people who enjoy backyard entertaining. Imagine gathering your friends or family for a summer barbecue or a cozy winter cocktail in the comfort of your own garden. Here are some great tips for designing your spectacular outdoor kitchen. 1. Design ideas Pinterest is a great resource […]