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New car review: 2011 Ford Explorer

A brief look at the reimagined explorer

In 2011, Ford decided to reinvent and redesign the original Explorer instead of eliminating it entirely. Ford got rid of its original truck-based design, full-time four-wheel drive, available V8 engine, and just about anything else. The new 2011 Ford Explorer is a crossover, where the only thing in common with its predecessor is the available seven-passenger seating.

The Explorer’s standard powertrain combines a 290-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 with a six-speed automatic transmission. It can tow up to five thousand pounds. Safety features for the 2011 Explorer include traction control, ABS, anti-skid system, and front and side curtain airbags. They all have MyFordTouch, a touch screen system that controls the weather, audio, cell phones, and all navigation controls. MyFordTouch also comes with voice activation. The navigation system uses TeleNav and also has “green route guidance” so drivers can locate the most fuel-efficient route to their desired destination.

Other standard Explorer parts on the limited edition and the option on XLT include leather upholstery, automatic climate control, rearview camera, and heated front seats. Options available only for the limited edition 2011 Ford Explorer include adaptive cruise control, heated and cooled front seats, hands-free parallel parking, and forward collision warning. Limited and XLT have optional power liftgate and sunroof.

Why do people like the 2011 Ford Explorer?

The newest Explorer model is praised for its smooth, steady acceleration and ability to change gears smoothly. The new model is very capable. It may lack off-road hardware that was visible with its Explorer predecessors, but even for a crossover, it’s a very capable car. The Explorer handles off-road situations with ease. Although not recommended for extreme trails, for moderate forays into unpaved settings the Explorer won’t cause you any problems. The seats are much more comfortable than previous models and its third row seats are the most adult-friendly out there. You may be five and eight years old and still be able to sit comfortably on your back and not in a position where you are hugging your knees.

As mentioned above, the Explorer is well supplied when it comes to technology. It has the latest model of Ford’s Sync system and is capable of understanding nicknames and synonyms. It also has the improved MyFordTouch system without any further delays and the new eco-route guidance feature. The 2011 Ford Explorer is also the latest in Ford’s line of vehicles to have iTunes Tagging that works in conjunction with the radio receiver. When people listen to a song they enjoy, they can “tag” it and save it to the built-in memory. Once an individual connects to their iPod, the stored data is transferred and the individual can purchase those songs.

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