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Symbolism and meaning of the bat

Bats are among the most misunderstood animals. Many stories, movies, and myths describe them as dangerous and harmful creatures that can suck people’s blood and transform into Dracula. Because of this, bats began to get a bad rap. Although some people fear, bats are beneficial to humans and the environment. The Native American recognized the […]

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Problems to Expect When Raising Backyard Chickens

Chickens are generally healthy, hardy and happy animals that can also be very friendly to people and to each other (and other animals). But, unfortunately, a reality about chicken farming it is simply that chickens are very prone to sickness, pain and behavioral problems. It never seems to matter how careful chicken farmers are – […]

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Iraqi investigative report blames leaders

The parents of British military men and women killed or injured as a result of the war in Iraq have won a legal investigation launched to assess their legitimacy. He found out that Britain’s prime minister at the time, Tony Blair, was persuaded by the president of the United States, George W. Bush, at least […]

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Sexual attraction of Scorpio women

It is true that the sexual attraction of Scorpio women is generally quite strong. Scorpios are very sexual people and are attracted to similar men. Scorpio is probably the most passionate of the zodiac signs, and you will have to know a few things before getting close. This article will help you cover the basics. […]