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Virgo and unnatural death: risks and reasons

A published study of more than 60,000 unnatural deaths in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe showed that Virgo was the astrological sign most likely to die unnaturally, as well as being the sign most likely to die unnaturally. be killed. In fact, a Virgo is 25% more likely to suffer an unnatural death than a Scorpio, the lowest ranking sign (but also the most likely sign of committing violence against others).

Looking at the personality traits and characteristics that most often define a Virgo can provide insight into why this sign is a clear leader in unnatural deaths.

Astrologers often describe Virgos as sensitive and loving, and they are often found in work and social activities that involve service to others. Also known for being shy, Virgos are seen to be happy to stay out of the way as they enjoy watching those they have raised grow in success and fame.

On a less positive note, Virgos are also often described as picky, critical, and narrow-minded. Renowned for their compulsive list-making, organizational skills that can border on obsessive compulsive disorder, and vocal criticism, whether or not they have been asked to do so.

Four methods of murder were examined in the Zodiac and Death study. Shooting, stabbing, strangling, and punching (including being hit, kicked, and beaten). Virgo ranked first in shooting and stabbing and also ranked second in strangulation. Since assault and murder generally occur within a domestic relationship or setting, this high Virgo rating likely indicates a serious problem Virgo has with interpersonal relationships.

In fact, the death scenarios reviewed revealed that most of the deaths in which Virgo were killed occurred in situations where the perpetrator was “broke,” often in situations where the Virgo victim had been “nagging. “or relentlessly criticizing, sometimes for several years.

Virgos can also be at risk of abuse in a relationship, as they are unconditionally faithful to their partner once they are engaged. Sometimes this devotion will last longer than the reality of the relationship and beyond the point where most people would have become cynical and given up. This devotion can put a Virgo at risk of being “used” by a partner or it can also cause frustration for the person who is trying to end a relationship that a Virgo will not release.

Virgos therefore need to be wary of situations where their criticism and “scolding” may be getting them into trouble. Stopping to discuss problems with your friends and family, and accepting that not everything needs to be arranged until death, and that their input is not welcome all the time, can save some Virgos from an unpleasant premature end.

On the bright side, Virgo was the sign least likely to be involved in a fatal car accident. So maybe Virgo’s meticulousness and attention to detail helps keep them safe on the road.

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