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The relationship between ADHD and higher intelligence

What is ADHD and higher intelligence? ADHD is a disorder that occurs in childhood and is characterized by inattention, distraction, hyperactivity, and irritability. It can seriously interfere with academic performance, socialization, and daily difficulties in functioning. If you drew a circle and on the circumference you wrote ADHD and each of its characteristics, there is no end and you return to the starting point.

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to learn. Children with ADHD may appear to have average or lower intelligence (based on standardized test scores). This may not be the case at all. They cannot control their symptoms on their own, so most likely they will not get all or only listen to part of the instructions given. Once your behaviors and symptoms are under control, there may be an increase in daily performance and standardized test scores. Your ability to concentrate, follow directions, and learn is improved.

There is a great debate as to whether children are really ADHD or are they just super smart and crazy with boredom. These children usually have average or higher intelligence. It’s just that their symptoms haven’t allowed them to show it.

ADHD has no cure at this time, but it can be successfully controlled with medication. Although highly addictive, stimulant medications are given to children to control symptoms and are effective for most children. As adults, they will be more likely to develop depression and substance abuse. Side effects include decreased appetite, trouble sleeping, depression, and irritability.

Symptoms can also be effectively managed with natural nutritional supplements that are made without preservatives or additives. They contain herbs, specific vitamins, and minerals that together effectively relieve ADHD symptoms. They have no side effects.

Behavioral therapy is used to teach children to understand their symptoms. In addition, it is used to teach children strategies to better remember things and increase their attention span. Behavioral therapy will generally include the parents and help strengthen their parenting skills.

A healthy lifestyle is better whether ADHD is present or not. A good diet, exercise, and adequate rest will also help relieve symptoms. This is a good way to bring a family together.

ADHD can be related to higher intelligence. Children may not be able to show their skills or learn new ones because of their symptoms. Once behaviors are under control, your performance should improve.

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