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Life: the golden thread

In the last 5,000 years there are a total of 64 generations of patriarchs in three different periods known as the Green, Red and White periods. The first 18 generations of patriarchs were from China, then the next 28 generations of patriarchs from India, and the last 18 generations of patriarchs again from China, making a total of 64 generations of patriarchs. The patriarchs were first 13 generations of holy emperors started by Emperor Fu Shi, then 5 generations of scholars with Lao Tze (the founder of Taoism) as the first scholar, followed by 28 generations of Indian Buddhist monks in India, 5 generations of Chinese . monks in China and, lastly, lay people in China. This is a mystical revelation from Heaven to inform us of the lineage of Tao that had to be prepared over a period of 5,000 years before the arrival of the Final Catastrophe that will end the world.

The Green Period: The Buddha in charge of this period is the Dipankara Buddha and it began around 3100 BC. C. to 1214 a. C. and lasted approximately 1886 years. This period has 11 patriarchs from the first patriarch, Emperor Fu Shi. This period is symbolized by the green lotus leaf.

The Red Period: The Buddha in charge of this period is Sakyamuni Buddha and it began around 1190 BC. C. to 1924 d. C. and lasted approximately 3,114 years. This period has 51 generations of patriarchs from Patriarch Giang Tai Gong (12th) to Patriarch Liu Hwapu (62nd). This period is symbolized by the Red Lotus Flower.

The White Period: The Buddha in charge of this period is Maitreya Buddha and it started around 1883 AD and will last 10,800 years until 12683 AD This period has only two generations of patriarchs, Lutsu Chung Yi (63rd), the reincarnation of Maitreya Buddha and Dignitary Master Chang Tienzen and Sun Shuzen (both 64th). The two patriarchs 64 are the reincarnation of JiGong and Bodhisattva Yueh Hui respectively. This period is symbolized by the Root of the White Lotus.

The lineage of the Tao told by JiGong is as follows:

The first 18 generations of patriarchs of China are 1]Emperor Fu Shi 2]Emperor Sunlung 3]Emperor Huang 4]Emperor Souhou 5]Emperor Tsuanshi 6]Emperor Ku 7]Emperor Yow 8]Emperor Shun 9]Emperor Yu 10]Emperor Yeeyin 11]King Tong 12]Giang Tai Gong 13]King Wen, King Wu and Chou Kung 14]Lao Tze 15]Confucius 16]Yienwhie and Tsentzu 17]Tsuseu and 18]Mencius.

The 28 generations of patriarchs of India are 1]Arya Mahakasyapa 2]Arya Ananda 3]Arya Sanakavasa 4]Arya Upagupta 5]Arya Dhritaka 6]Arya Michaka 7]Arya Vasumitra 8]Arya Buddhanandi 9]Arya Buddhamitra 10]Arya Parsva ]Arya Punyayasas 12]Asvaghosa Bodhisattva 13]Arya Kapimala 14]Nagarijuna Bodhisattva 15]Kanadeva 16]Arya Rahulata 17]Arya Sanghanandi 18]Arya Gayasata 19]Arya Kumarata 20]Arya Jayata 21]Arya Vasuhaband 25]24]Arya Arya Vasuhaband 25]Arya Basiasita 26]Arya Punyamitra 27]Arya Prajnatara and 28]Arya Bodhidharma.

The last 18 generations of China are: 1]Bodhidharma 2]Huik’u 3]Seng Tsan 4]Tao Hsin 5]Hung Yen 6]Hui Neng 7]Bei Yuzen and Ma Duanyang 8]Luo Weichuan 9]Huang Tehhui 10]Wu Tzusiang 11]Ho Liaokoo 12]Yuan Tuian 13]Hsie Huanwu and Yang Huanshu 14]Yow Hotien 15]Wong Gioyi 16]Liu Nwapu 17]Lutzu Chung Yi and 18]Worthy Master Chang Tienzen and Sun Shuzen.

This is beyond the knowledge of man and religion, only Heaven can make it known to us. In the Tao of Heaven temple, this lineage of Tao known as the Golden Thread was beautifully crafted with details in the form of a chart. It is paving the way for humans to gain enlightenment for 5,000 years through Heaven and ultimately salvation. The 64 patriarchs are the spiritual masters of the devotees of the Tao of Heaven.

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