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How to give a Tantra Yoni massage

Giving your partner a tantra yoni massage is very special. Most men never take the time to let women deepen their orgasmic pleasure as they come too soon. One way around this is to learn how to do a tantra yoni massage. First pick up the phone and have a warm room. Candles and some incense are a nice touch. It is best to use a massage table if available or just use a bed. Protect the bed with towels. Your lover needs to be totally naked. Ask her to take a deep breath in her belly and make a sound when exhaling during the massage. Remind him to do this in the massage if he gets distracted. If she gets dizzy, tell her to slow her breathing. Breathe with her during the massage. Warm her hands if it’s a cold day. Start with a few long, slow strokes all over her body. I like to start with very light strokes just touching her hair. Start with no oil at first. At first, it is best not to touch any genital area but to warm up and relax the whole body first. After a few light strokes, I love to use feathers, silk, or fur to gently touch my lover. This can be very sensual and erotic. Don’t forget about the face as it can be very intimate. Try to kiss all parts of her body but not her genitals at this stage. The general method is slow and sensual in any of your touches. Have total presence in your hands and the sensations and pleasure of touching your lover. Next, in the tantra yoni massage, apply a little warm oil all over the body with long, relaxing movements using the whole hand. Make sure the oil is lukewarm by placing the oil bottle in some hot water. Now use a few kneeling movements on your back, legs and arms to fully relax your body. After this, run your hands up from her legs and gently over her yoni and breasts to start teasing. Don’t forget fingers and toes Kissing and sucking are great. Now tantra yoni massage can bet sexier. Massage the breasts in nice circular motions. Hold the breast and lift it for a minute or so. Hold one finger on your nipple and the finger of your other hand on your eyelid slightly. Hold for a minute and switch eyes and nipples. Now place one hand holding your yoni or vaginal mound and the other hand on your heart area. Hold for one minute.

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