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Home inspectors adapt to the needs of the Corona virus

With the recent concerns of the Covid-19 virus, also known as the Corona virus, companies have had to adapt to new ways of doing business. One way to adapt is to add additional services in response to needs. Another is adjusting how things are done.

The concern regarding the spread of viruses and bacteria is a real concern and has definitely been raised on almost everyone’s mind due to the global Corona virus pandemic. People are increasing social distancing from each other and in some areas bars and restaurants have been closed and people instructed to stay home to help prevent the spread of the virus.

In the case of real estate in most places, home and condo buying continues, and as a result, home inspections continue as well. For home inspections, it is recommended that very few people attend the home inspection and, of course, stay at least 6 feet away. No more handshakes when the inspector meets the home buyer. Inspectors wash their hands more frequently and apply hand sanitizer frequently. Many wear gloves and masks. Face masks should really only be worn if one is ill or caring for someone who is known to carry the virus. If a home buyer or home inspector is sick, they should stay in their own home to help prevent the spread. Home buyers are typically not by the inspector’s side, so there is a low risk of transmission. Therefore, the change in the way the home inspection is conducted has not changed much.

The concern comes largely from home buyers who have concerns about moving into a home that may be somehow infected. This is naturally concerning because the new home owner does not know who was in the home just before moving in. This has prompted new services from home inspection companies.

One of these new services is to physically mist or apply a disinfectant in the home to help kill bacteria and viruses. The application is done after the sellers have taken their things out and before the new owners put their things in. Habitation Investigation offers the service free of charge to its clients who purchase a home through a “sister company” Environmental Consultants of Ohio. This service helps home buyers feel better not only about the appearance of their home, but also about moving into a house where strangers recently occupied.

Two functions of home inspections are to provide information to the home buyer so that they can make an informed decision and to help eliminate many of the unknowns that exist when buying a home. Sanitizer is another way to help reduce worry about the unknown. Of course, it does not prevent the home from being “infected” after treatment, but it does provide some peace of mind.

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