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Freelance writers: how to package services so that clients clamor to buy from you

Many freelance writers don’t realize it, but the skills they possess are worth literally thousands of dollars. They are in a unique position to take the marketing knowledge they possess and turn it into a cash-generating machine. Here’s how and why.

Freelance Writers: Why Your Skill Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars And How To Capitalize On It

Freelance writers are intimately familiar with the Internet. They use it to conduct research, market to new clients, and reach various online communities (eg, other freelance writers, internet marketers, niches they are interested in, etc.).

They are also familiar with effective online marketing tools such as social media (eg, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), blogging, and article marketing, to name a few. Why is this important? Well, a lot of freelance writers have clients that aren’t that advanced. They don’t understand the whole “internet marketing” thing. This presents a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurial freelancers to capitalize by offering services to clients beyond just writing. For example, as a freelance writer, you could offer to set up and manage social media accounts, submit articles to article directories, and set up and update blogs for clients.

See how easy it is for astute freelance writers to capitalize on their knowledge?

Freelance Writers: Tips for Packaging Services to Get Customers to “Buy Now”

Speaking of capitalizing, how do you do it? Simply package each service you offer and sell its benefits. The following are some simple tips to do so.

Unearth Stats: The easiest way to sell a service is to sell the benefit of the service. And nothing sells in business like numbers. When customers see in black and white that:

Use of Twitter: It has over 106 million users and adds a staggering 300,000 new users every day; that

Facebook: It has 400 million users worldwide. 50% log in every day and the average user spends almost an hour (55 minutes) on the site; cast

LinkedIn: 70,000,000 million users worldwide; more than 50% of its users are decision makers in their companies.

Numbers like this are hard to ignore.

As a freelance writer, you are a true source of marketing information, information that can be worth thousands of dollars in additional income if used correctly.

Talk loud: Many clients may not ask you to provide a service, even if they want to, because they consider you “just a freelance writer.” So he talks. If you offer social networking services, such as setting up and managing Facebook and Twitter accounts, let current and prospective customers know.

Separate category on your site: On your freelance writing website, have a separate page and/or category for each service you offer.

This makes it easy for customers to see, “Oh, she offers a range of services that I could use.” Some possible service offerings include:

social networks
blog post
Writing and sending articles
eBook Writing
Writing and distribution of press releases

There is no reason to fight to make money if you are a freelance writer. It’s one of those careers that thrives through thick and thin. BUT, you must use the marketing knowledge you have to not only get clients, but also to maximize each relationship. This means providing services beyond “just” writing.

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