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different types of photography

Whether you plan to be a photographer or a photo collector, you need to understand the various types of photography that you may be subject to. One of the most common types of photography is portrait photography. Within the realm of portrait photography, you will also be exposed to celebrity portraits or famous portraits. That’s not to say that portraiture is the most common type of photography by any means, but we tend to hear more about it than food photography or Olympic photography. To be an efficient photographer or collector of celebrity portraits, you need to understand this type of photography and how it relates to other types of photography.

Involved in some of the other types of photography are Olympic images, food images, and sports images. When it comes to photography, each type of image projects something to the owner of the image, be it a portrait or images of tangible things. For example, images of food will project to the viewer what a particular dish will look like after finishing it, while images of sports will portray what a team will look like on the field or as they prepare to start or finish a game. A good photographer can project these images to the viewer so that he or she can look at any of those images and understand what the photographer is trying to portray to each viewer.

The concept of portrait photography is to show the clearest possible image of a person or group of people. Similarly, food images and sports images also represent clear images to the viewer. Photography as a whole has an important function, that of making sure that the photographer does everything possible to portray each image as clearly as possible. To learn more about photography and how to make it work for you, visit

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