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Create Victorian magic by remodeling home and kitchen environments

Inspired living based on Victorian perspectives is very much possible! Install decorative tiles on the ceiling and let the walls be clad. High ceilings and metal installations would not really be necessary. Use metal tiles to brighten walls such as kitchen and bathroom backsplash, living room and dining room.

As early as the Civil War, square pressed metal tiles became fashionable. Instead of heavy plaster, these strong, lightweight fireproof tiles were cheaper. They remained popular in geometric shapes for many decades until the Great Depression, when plain white drywall ceilings became widespread.

Pressed tin is making a comeback in old Victorian residences due to style and presence. Lofts look attractive with metal shingles and exposed brick along with wood. However, we recommend that tiles not be used on the ceiling.

If you want the vintage look in your home, read on for some metal tile ideas to spice things up.

Get down to business in the kitchen

Install Castle Metals for the look of antique copper. Build a fancy sink or stovetop backsplash in the Victorian style. For a non-traditional look, opt for Metal Signatures combined with plain tiles on the backsplash. Copy the look of the 1930s with the Metallica series for an Art Deco backsplash.

Village Bend in Olive 6 x 6, 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 with 1 x 8 Torello
Trellis Deco Antique Iron Metal Signatures 4-1/4 x 4-1/4
Chateau Ogee Liner 1-1/2 x 12 and Trellis Liner 3 x 12

Why not mimic the look of the tin roof and install it on the ground? Study some old paintings and place various motifs in the center of the floor with a border of plain tiles. It could be the reverse arrangement on the kitchen counter.

It’s time to renovate the dining room.

While some people want white dining rooms, Victorian-style metal tiles will make it cozy yet dark. Coordinate colors aesthetically, while exotic rugs and dark wood colors would be great. Embossed metal tiles will add decorative touches like the wainscoting on the lower wall. Lighting like vintage chandeliers would work well in a gray color scheme.

A bathroom to appreciate

Strike a serious note with metal tiles on the surround of the shower space and on the shower backsplash. Other options are artistic bands with pewter and bronze tiles running horizontally, and a raised tile border enclosing a plain tile center.

Fancy Aged Bronze Jardin floor/wall trim, Sand Tumbled Natural Stone corners and Antalya Dark country tiles on the floor?

Revamp the wet bar scene

Perhaps a brushed stainless steel hexagonal mosaic backsplash would work well. Brushed stainless steel would contrast well with light wood cabinets, white walls, and beige rugs. Wet bar backsplashes would also benefit from Metal Signatures Aged Iron Tumbled Stone, using the same tiles on the floor. Pair it with the white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator and stools.

Metal tiles never went out of style, dating back to the Victorian era. Enjoy timeless quality for decades to come.

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