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Appropriate Pant Styles and Hem Lengths

Tight jeans:
Style and hem length: Skinny pants or jeans are slim-fit and slim-fit from the hip to the ankle. The hem ends just around the ankle bone.

Best Body Shape: Women with a balanced hour class shape or long, lean legs have an easy game here. But don’t worry ladies. If you have shorter or thicker legs, consider heels or ankle boots to stretch out your leg. No one should ditch their skinny jeans because those pants are great for any occasion.

Shoe style: All shoes work with skinny pants but to stretch your legs a bit, heels or ankle boots are recommended.

Style and Hem Length: Straight-leg pants aren’t as tight as skinnies, but they still fit snug from the hips to the calves. The only difference is that straight jeans don’t fit as tight in the leg as skinny jeans. The hem should end just below the ankle to create a good flow with the shoes.

Best Body Shape: Every body type can wear such pants. This shape is a great option if you don’t want to show off your body as much.

Shoe style: All shoes are good, ankle boots only if they have a small shaft and the country can fit over it. You don’t want the hem to sit on the shaft.

Boot cut:
Style and Hem Length: Bootcut pants are fitted through the thighs and flare slightly from the knee to the hem. The appropriate hem length is one-quarter to one-half inch from the floor. Please note that these guidelines are measured with the shoes of your choice on your feet.

Best Body Shape: Everyone looks great in bootcut jeans, but they’re great for balancing out wide hips or curvy upper bodies.

Shoe Style: Pointed toe heels, ankle boots, and just about any heel work best with the high top shape because they hide the legs a bit. When shopping for bootcut pants, make sure they are ¼ to ½ inches above the floor WITH your shoes.

Hem Style and Length: Technically, flares are boot cuts with a wider flare on the legs. The same rules apply as above. Although the same rules apply, the flares are a bit more extravagant. Think about whether they fit your style.

Best Body Shape: Same as Bootcut

Boot Style: Same as Bootcut, unless the flared pants are very short, then a flat is possible because the leg is visible.

Jeans and wide leg pants:
Hem Style and Length: Wide-leg pants extend directly from the hip continuously toward the bottom. Those pants must have a ¼ bottom hem. Only the toes should be visible to create a long and graceful leg and look.

Best Body Shape: Those pants work with any body type. Do not be shy. A little tip… the wider your hips are, the wider the cut should be to create a good balance between the upper and lower body.

Shoe style: Heels are recommended because they stretch the leg. The wide leg can make the legs appear shorter. Wide leg cropped pants can also be worn with flats if preferred.

Boyfriend Jeans:
Style and Hem Length: The idea behind those baggy pants is to make them look like you borrowed them from your boyfriend. They are generally cropped with a low rise.

Best Body Shape: Narrow hips go a little better with this type of cutie because the low waist tends to visually expand the hips.

Shoe Style: Both flats and heels work great with boyfriend jeans. It really depends on the look you want to achieve.

bridal jeans:
A slightly slimmer version of the boyfriend jean.

The same rules apply.

Ankle pants:
Hem Length: These pants should end just above or below the ankle, never right where your ankle is. The focus is directed to the thinnest part of the leg. They can be skinny, flared, boyfriend or any other cut. The idea here is length.

Best Body Shape – All car body types use this crop type. Choose a style that works best with your body.

Shoe style: Depending on the style you choose, you can wear boots, heels or flats.

Hem Length: Those pants end anywhere between mid-calf and ankle. It is up to you what length you prefer. Keep in mind that pants should never end at the widest part of the leg. It makes your legs look bigger and shorter than they really are.

Best Body Shape: Any body type can wear such pants. The determining factor is your height. Tall people with long legs can wear a shorter top than petite people with short legs.

Shoe Style: Any shoe works in this length. It depends on the style and cut of your pants.

Keep in mind that all the style guidelines mentioned are just suggestions and if you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you should go for it, without listening to this. This blog post is for those looking for a little guidance in this area.

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