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Child proof tamper evident closures

Child-resistant closures are essential on any liquid medicine bottle, for obvious reasons. If a child could open a bottle containing a medicine and drink it, the result could be fatal and devastating. The locks work with a push-and-turn function based on the knowledge that a 42- to 51-month-old child will not be sufficiently capable of […]

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Does Power 90 work? An honest review

In 2001, personal trainer Tony Horton launched ‘Power 90’ through Beachbody, a fitness company dedicated to providing exercise routines at home. Power 90 was so successful that in 2004 Tony Horton launched the P90X, a program that sold 2 million units, became a household name and a favorite workout for celebrities. Yet even as the […]

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Surprising Ways Botox Can Help Beyond Wrinkles

Most of people’s experience with Botox has been limited to one particular location: between the eyebrows. Dermatologists say that 90 percent of Botox is used on the forehead, addressing crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows. That said, around 5-10% of Botox treatments are done in unexpected areas, multiple times for reasons beyond wrinkles. In this […]

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Herbal auxiliaries to develop psychic abilities

Traditionally, certain herbs have been used to increase psychic awareness. They are usually ingested as herbal teas or burned as incense. Some are only used as elixirs. The following herbs are beneficial as you advance in your psychic abilities. Cinnamon: The bark of the cinnamon tree increases the overall vibrancy. Lesser celandine. This psychic herb […]