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Where to buy shipping containers?

In the modern era of renewable resources, many people are turning to shipping containers as an alternative to wood and brick to use as building materials for their projects.

Shipping containers have a myriad of uses, including construction, temporary storage, and rental facilities. But many people wonder, “where to buy a shipping container?”

Purchasing Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, sometimes called “connex” or “storage containers,” are steel boxes originally used to move cargo across oceans. In the US, where many of our products and goods come from imports, storage containers are filled with millions of items each year and loaded onto giant barges that move across the seas.

Once storage containers are no longer fit for service due to age or durability, they are dropped off at warehouses across the country and can be purchased or leased for commercial and residential use.

How to buy shipping containers

Once the containers are in a warehouse, they can be purchased or leased through an authorized dealer. Although rent can be as low as $100 per month, containers can often be purchased for $1,000-$2,000, depending on size, quality, and damage rating.

To get a fair price, be sure to ask about quality and total cost, and whether it includes pickup or delivery charges.

Many times, it will be necessary to send a container by truck to different cities, since the main owners of the containers tend to keep their boxes in certain warehouses. So, for example, you might live 150 miles from the nearest depot, which houses all the units. So expect to pay a delivery fee to have a truck drop it off at your site.

Other costs when buying shipping containers

Just like when you buy goods or services, sales tax may be added. Even if you buy from a private owner (a local resident, for example), you still need to be responsible for the tax laws of your local region, so be sure to check with your local professionals on this.

But aside from the direct cost of the container and the shipping fee, these are usually the only costs in the buying process.

Why are the prices different when buying containers?

Shipping containers tend to vary in price based on supply and demand. So a container in a city can range in price between $100 and $1000. Higher demand areas will have higher priced units for sale.

Also, the quality will affect the price. Therefore, a wind and watertight container will be priced differently than a newer unit.

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