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What to consider when renting a student flat in London during the peak season

“Share renting is the most common way of accommodation for British international students. It is not only convenient to meet friends, but also saves housing expenses. It is not easy to rent a suitable house during the peak season for studying abroad, especially when renting a London student accommodation. The most basic information is still necessary to prevent confusion.
Urban housing prices will be more expensive.
There are many factors to consider when looking for shared housing:
1. Double glazing
In the UK, the outdoor temperature is lower in winter, and the double-layer glass has better thermal insulation performance and better sound insulation effect.
2. Heating equipment
Whether to use gas or electricity “”prepaid card”” electricity is relatively expensive.
3. Indoor furniture condition
Try to find a house that is fully equipped with basic furniture, otherwise it will be more expensive to buy new furniture yourself, and you will need to dispose of the furniture when you move.

4. Appliances in the kitchen
A general house kitchen will provide stoves, ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, and some even provide electric kettles and toasters. Smoke exhaust fans in British kitchens are generally designed for Western food with less oily smoke, so you must close the smoke-proof door when cooking, otherwise the sensitive fire alarm system may attract firefighters, which will be very embarrassing. In serious cases, fines may also be imposed.
5. Washing machine
If not, you will need to go to the outside laundry room.
6. Bathroom facilities
If there are 4, 5 or even more people living together, it is more convenient to have two bathrooms in the house.
7. Is the landlord reliable and trustworthy?
Generally, if the school provides a listing list of landlords who have been cooperating with the school for a long time, they will be relatively reliable.
8. Deposit issue
The deposit is generally 1-2 months’ rent, and it must be refunded in full when the student accommodation is rented out.
9. Housing Environment Issues
Whether the community near the house is safe, whether there are supermarkets or convenience stores, whether the transportation is convenient, and the distance from the school, etc.
10. Water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, internet bills, TV license fees, etc.
Most of the houses do not include these fees. It is still quite cumbersome to ask the landlord how to pay these fees, the starting date of the fees and other details, and to discuss with the co-tenants how to reasonably share the expenses and keep the house clean.

Living in a supportive community enables students to form lasting friendships and build networks that extend beyond the walls of their accommodation. By creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie, quality student accommodation nurtures a supportive social environment. Residents can connect, share experiences, and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of the college journey. These interactions enrich the overall student experience and contribute to personal and social growth.

11. Housing tax (Council Tax)
Housing tax is exempt if all co-tenants are students.
12. Summer Price
There may be room rate discounts during the summer months.
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