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The top common problems with renting in Leeds

“1. The agency’s fees.

If you are looking for an agency, then special attention needs to be paid to the fees. Apart from the agency fee, the agency is not entitled to ask for registration fees, viewing fees, etc. from the client. Generally, the agency fee is equivalent to the cost of a week’s rent, so don’t be overcharged.

2. Ask the agent for a full list of fees before agreeing to sign the tenancy agreement.

Check the contract for fee entries relating to the deposit of Leeds student accommodation, booking fee, agent’s fee, cleaning fee, etc. During the actual payment process, be aware that the booking fee will need to be refunded or reduced to the rent.

3. Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties to the rental contract (including responsibility for maintenance of items, Bill situation).

When signing the contract, read the terms and conditions carefully. If the facilities of the property are damaged or old and need to be replaced, the tenant generally has the right to request the agent or landlord to replace or repair them without any further payment.

4. Identify second landlords (i.e. people who are not landlords but are renting the property as landlords in order to obtain a fee) with a discerning eye.

If you search online and find a student accommodation Leeds property at an extremely low price, don’t trust it. Ask the agent to provide proof of their identity and qualifications when renting, and ask for proof of ownership if they are the landlord, otherwise it’s best not to get involved.

5. Use Google Maps to search for the location of the property and check the particulars of the district you are in.

Ask the landlord or agent for the postcode of the house and enter it directly into Google Maps, which will show you the exact location. It is also important to consider the access control system of the neighbourhood, preferably one with a security guard at the front door and a swipe card for entry.

6. Make sure you have a good idea of what you are looking for before you look for a property.

Even if you are in a hurry and have no experience, there are a few important things to consider, such as location (either walking distance to schools or direct access to public transport), security (Indo-Pak and black areas must be avoided) and ease of living (are there any supermarkets and stores nearby). My house is located around the white financial district of CanaryWharf, except for a 20-minute bus ride to the school, all other conditions are very suitable.

Beyond academics, quality student accommodation plays a vital role in fostering personal growth and facilitating meaningful social interaction. These accommodations recognize the importance of holistic development and provide spaces that encourage students to explore their passions and interests. Fitness centers, recreational areas, and common rooms serve as hubs for physical exercise, socialization, and relaxation. Engaging in extracurricular activities and interacting with fellow residents create opportunities for personal growth, enhancing communication skills, teamwork, and time management abilities.

7. Find a proper agent and do not sign a contract in advance.

For one thing, do not sign a contract with the landlord in advance. As it is not convenient to sign a contract in China, some agents will ask the tenant to sign the contract before sending a scanned version. In fact, this is very risky and it is not too late to sign the contract after you have seen the place. Secondly, it is best to find an agency of a certain size, either Chinese or British-run, preferably with a fixed office and storefront in the area.”

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