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The Paradigm Shift in Network Marketing Lead Generation

Leads are said to be the life blood of any Network Marketing business, and if you want to stay in business for more than 90 days, you will have to learn or develop your own Network Marketing lead generation strategy.

If you are new to the industry, your sponsor should be the first person to discuss the importance of generating leads for your new business. Depending on how your sponsor was taught to generate leads is how he or she will teach you. There are two schools of thought on how to go about network marketing lead generation.

One where you are the hunter and go after family, friends, co-workers, community leaders, or anyone with a pulse who is willing to hear from you about your business opportunity. Using this method to generate leads, you will likely be told to go home and make a list of at least 100 people you know to include family, friends, co-workers, community leaders, and anyone you have a relationship with. relationship. This is your “warm market” or people you know, trust, respect, and are willing to listen to what you have to say. What happens when you run out of people who are in your “warm market” and you are still struggling to sponsor new people into your business?

They will probably tell you to buy leads, call them, and talk to them about your business. The problem with buying leads is that you will have to do what is called “Cold Calling” where you pick up the phone and speak to someone who has already been called multiple times by different Network Marketers trying to present their business opportunity. Most opportunity leads are sold at least four to five times to people like you who are told to buy leads and quickly tire and become rude or asked to remove them from your list.

When chasing down your family and friends or buying leads doesn’t work, you will probably be briefed on the “Three Foot Rule” where you will talk to anyone within a meter of you about your business opportunity. The problem with all of the above network marketing lead generation methods is that none of the people you speak to are qualified prospects. Qualified leads are people who are actively looking for a business opportunity and want to join a leader who will help them build their new business.

People have built their network marketing business using the above methods, but they are not for everyone, and if you are one of those people who couldn’t understand or were uncomfortable with building your business using the lead generation methods above, there is another way to develop your business.

The Paradigm Shift in Network Marketing Lead Generation

The second school of thought when it comes to lead generation is the one where you are the one in pursuit. This implies that you position yourself as the leader or expert sought by those who actively seek a business opportunity by adding value to the market. To do this, provide a free report or training on the subject they are looking for and do so without any desire for anything in return.

People bond with people they know, trust and respect, and this can only be achieved with people with whom you have established a relationship. The reason this didn’t work for your warm market is because they weren’t looking for a business opportunity, you presented one to them because you had a relationship with them and they knew, trusted, and respected you. There is a time to approach your “warm market,” but doing it when you first start out is not the best time.

Becoming a leader or an expert involves knowing and determining your “target market.” Without knowing your target market, you will try to sell your product or service to people who don’t need or want your product or service. Since it’s all about network marketing lead generation, your target market could be other frustrated network marketers who are having trouble generating leads for their business.

Since all network marketers require leads for their business, all you have to do is offer a product or service that is the solution to your problem or the answer to your question. You present your offer in a place where they are looking (Search Engines, YouTube, Facebook, Blog Post, Article Marketing) and when you do it right, they will find you and come looking for you with wallet in hand ready to buy the product. or service you are offering. When you can generate leads for your business on demand and teach others how to generate leads for your business with the push of a button, you become the hunted rather than the hunter.

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