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The greatest discovery of Immanuel Kant

The Sumerian culture at the dawn of civilization had a seven-day week; each day had 24 hours and each hour had 60 minutes. From his geometric mathematical intuition we inherited clocks and watches, and went on to develop technology capable of transporting information through millions of years of space-time. However, the Sumerians had no idea about the mathematics of infinity, which instead began as a religious concept about the nature of eternity. The Babylonian culture, which followed, developed a mathematics that was able to predict the lunar eclipse of 672 BC. Linking this ability to religious superstition, the math priests controlled people through fear, using scientific logic as an instrument of slavery.

During the 1800s, the American champion of liberty and liberty, Ralph Waldo Emerson, argued that American financiers had used Babylonian deception to enslave people to a life of perpetual debt. He pointed out that the mechanistic technology adopted in America ruled out a supratechnology alluded to within infinity pertaining to Indian Sanskrit mathematics, which represented freedom from commercial servitude.

This mathematical deception that controls people’s minds to accept financial slavery is now quite well known. This mathematics, used for poker machine games, is designed to bring about a state of bankruptcy through a compulsion that makes addicts play continuously. This tricky math, along with aesthetically pleasing color and sound combinations, manipulates how dopamine works in the mind, creating mental anticipation for some unsustainable future benefit. This addiction is known to be as strong as the heroin habit. Government revenue is collected that echoes the game structure of the global stock economy. This unethical phenomenon is simply a false imitation of a natural optical process called internal stereoscopic vision, presenting data that allows logical results to materialize.

Communication and stereoscopic signal scientists are beginning to realize that they have no control over the accelerating development of the unhealthy mind control flow of unethical information. Scientists began by investigating complaints that 3D movies caused nausea in a small percentage of viewers, which was rectified with high-tech stereoscopic developments. Now, it is known that severe stereoscopic neurological information and signals negatively affect the daily lives of the general population, resulting in isolation and depression from the community, which science cannot rectify.

However, a new neurological science to rectify this problem was established by the linguistic physicist Guy Deutscher, when he revived the discarded theories of linguistic evolutionary color perception from the 19th century of British Prime Minister William Gladstone and the philosopher of science, Wolfgang von Goethe. Deutscher Book of the Year 2012 Through the glass of the tongue, translated into eight languages, contained the linguistic methodology necessary to foresee the nature of future human survival technology. In that same year he was awarded the recipients of the Giorgio Napolitano Medal, on behalf of the Republic of Italy, for his discoveries in quantum biology, compatible with Deutscher’s findings. His theories were hailed as an integral part of the 21st century Renaissance.

For public relations, the new neurological science and technology of human survival will be referred to as the immortalization of Albert Einstein’s scientific worldview beyond the limitations of the second law of thermodynamics. The 18th century philosopher of science Immanuel Kant, recognized as influential in 21st century science, is now the hero whose research explains the difference between aesthetics as a theory of art appreciation and ethics as an art science for survival. human. His discovery led him directly to perceive the Babylonian mathematical hoax that has now become a deadly computer virus, trapping humanity on a path toward global chaos.

Kant was well aware that the invention of atomic mathematics Greek science of the third century B.C. C., taught at Plato’s Academy, was called science for ethical purposes. He also knew that his sister science of particle motion, taught at Ho Kepos University, was called The science of universal love.. The principles of gravitational first cause, taught in universities, associated the monthly movement of the moon resonating with the atoms of the mother’s soul, explaining her intuitive love and compassion for children.

Kant’s research became the basis for the electromagnetic golden age of Danish science. Sir Isaac Newton published that ancient Greek science was an authority on the principles of the first gravitational cause and that the idea that the mechanical mass of objects in space was the cause of the gravitational force was, and I quote, a “pretentious “and illogical. hypothesis. Whether Newton was right or wrong is not the point. Quantum mechanics stemmed from the false assumption that he had a completely mechanical world view, when the opposite is true. Quantum mechanics and its derivative sciences cannot provide solid evidence for how to harness the logic of the first principle with regard to the healthy evolution of humanity, in particular, with regard to the evolutionary purpose of internal stereoscopic vision.

Immanuel Kant and his colleague, Emmanuel Levinas, predicted exactly how this can be done, exposing the very nature of the mathematical virus that now controls the global scientific effort. By applying his published electromagnetic field properties to Newton’s non-mechanical gravitational principles, the problem is solved. We now know how to balance research with conventional science to develop such things as replacing fossil fuels with the aforementioned omniscience and technology that Ralph Waldo Emerson predicted in the name of liberty.

Art can be seen to inflict unethical messages on society. For example, the Roman Colosseum was considered an art form that surpassed all Greek art. His insatiable lust for slaughter made him an unethical monument to artistic aspirations. Beautiful religious buildings that use grandiose pomp and circumstance as an artistic spectacle to evoke a desire for war against foreign gods can be seen as unethical. Plato’s warning that unethical mathematical science using artistic rhetoric and art forms could enslave the population in a mindless consumer society predicted today’s reality of non-stop televised commercial advertising.

The mathematician Plato considered art to be an irresponsible and unethical practice, devoid of crucial spiritual ethics. Kant and Levinas agreed with that observation. They devoted in-depth research to the matter and classified the reality of the electromagnetic field that contains crucial spiritual ethics. They published that an asymmetrical electromagnetic insight into the artistic and creative mind was the spiritual ethic that Plato tried to define.

That message from the Golden Age of Danish science is the most important human survival discovery ever made. Harvard University, the University of Massachusetts and the Royal Danish Consulate in 2004, held an international symposium to tell the world about the importance of the work of the electromagnetic Golden Age. They noted that it had been written primarily in Danish and had not been translated, making it invisible to English-speaking scholars.

Simply looking at paintings through the centuries through Kantian asymmetrical electromagnetic lenses reveals the evolution of inner stereoscopic vision. One can now observe the evolutionary development of the new neurological science of human survival, which Guy Deutscher’s yearbook established from the 19th century linguistic theory of color perception.

Two years ago it was discovered that what was considered junk DNA was another strand of DNA that communicated with the genetic system in the internal stereoscopic language of the evolution of health and wellness. The solution to the biggest problem in quantum mechanics, called the uncertainty principle, was published in the journal Nature, in an article titled Sorry Einstein, the Universe needs quantum uncertainty. That document proved that humanity is now on the threshold of utopia despite being completely addicted to the second law extinction process.

It can be seen that the current acceleration of chaos exhibits the properties of cancer growth and development. Countries using trade embargoes to harm other nations are just one example of this contagious cancerous behavior on the human species leading to a terminal condition.

Interference with the evolutionary process of normal internal stereoscopic vision can produce both strong heroin addictions and a short circuit in the functioning of the compassionate vagus nervous system. Recruiters for jihadist terrorism can simply push the right buttons to evoke what is known as selfish gene activity, to escape extinction at all costs, without a single thought of normal pity and compassion.

During the 12th and 13th centuries, the Golden Age of Islamic Science welcomed Jewish and Christian scholars to translate the ethical message of ancient Greek science, at the School of Translators in Toledo, Spain. As religious hostilities eroded that research goal, Sultan Memhed II transferred the Renaissance to Medici scholars in Italy. 200 years later, Christian hostilities associated with the merciless dogma of the Christian Inquisition nullified all relevant research findings about human survival in a senseless bloodbath of torture and burning of people alive. The time has come for Western culture to reinstate the Islamic-inspired School of Translators mentality for the protection of all scholars seeking the application of the new technology and human survival described in this document.

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