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The Five Elements of Persuasion: The Core of Storytelling

Storytelling is about using narratives and stories to share and capitalize on the knowledge of others. This is how others define storytelling.

What do you think makes storytelling useful and important, especially in the world of business and sales?

In communication, the narration has a great advantage because it allows to unite the emotional aspects and the factual content. Knowledge sharing increases and learning will take place. Storytelling is one of the best tools to easily persuade other people.

Telling stories is not that difficult to do, but if you want to have effective storytelling especially for your business and sales, you need to learn how to weave words into your stories in a way that people will always remember and like.

Before you can be a master storyteller, you need to create a good story. A good story does not have to be long, you need to prepare and know the story you are going to tell. All you need is to have perfect timing and it should contain all five elements of the narrative. This element includes passion, a hero, an antagonist, awareness, and transformation.

Passion is the number one element because it can both make and break your story. Why? Your prospects can easily see if you really love the story you are telling. This is the item you can never fake. If you can put passion into your story, you will increase the likelihood of your prospects.

Of course, a story is boring without a hero. Even in movies or any story, I hate when at the end of the story, the hero is dead. But with your storytelling for your sales, you need to put a hero that can be very useful and that can be related to your products or services.

Well if we have a hero, you must also have a bad boy and this is the antagonist who opposes. Having these two important elements in your story makes the story more interesting.

Another element is consciousness. In your story, make sure that you will be able to inform your prospects of all the important things that tie into your product. That is why it is important to give your full attention so that they hear all the important details.

And finally, your story must contain a very large impact that can transform their doubts, negative thoughts and be able to start believing in what you are telling them.

If you can master the narration correctly, you can always hear the magic word “Yes.” But you still need to learn to master persuasion because this is the heart of all business negotiation.

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