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Squash computer system with own score conceived

More and more video games are appearing in our modern living rooms thanks to big screen TVs, Xbox and augmented reality. What if we could bring all of that into the real world, I mean, out of where it all started? What if we could bring that experience to the court? Let’s take the sport of squash for a moment. What if the board was made of carbon composite, perhaps carbon nanotubes with graphthene coatings? Since these materials conduct electricity, they can also be formatted to work like a giant computer screen, a bit flexible, but as strong as steel.

In the case of squash, that extra flexibility could also help return the squash ball to the player with more force. This would make the game more exciting. And if the squash board could show full-featured videos, it could also show targets at intervals during the game. This would allow the player to receive simulated training of where to place the shot based on various techniques and strategies. It could also be used to score a player’s level of play, giving them additional bonus points when hitting moving objects, or it can be turned into a real-life Xbox game.

Why do I think this is necessary? Because the game of squash has lost its appeal with the promising next generation, that is, fewer people, especially in the United States, are already playing the sport. It’s a shame because sport requires agility, skill, talent, and quick thinking. All the components and attributes of the best sports that humans have played, will play and enjoy. It is a pity that in a generation a great sport can be lost. Perhaps making these groundbreaking changes could add excitement to the game and bring gamers back in droves while attracting a new generation of players – younger, faster, and incredibly agile.

Would any of this be very difficult, you ask? Absolutely not; In addition, these types of sports when practiced by very athletic people keep them fit and in shape, and out of the zone of onset of diabetes. In addition, sports like this can be practiced on a boat, in small, high-density spaces in the city, or perhaps even in a future lunar or Mars colony.

There is no reason this sport should die now, not with all the potential technologies that can be woven into new game formats. It is time to take squash to a higher level, which is why I propose a new computerized squash self-assessment system for more fun and excitement. In fact, I hope you will please consider all of this and think about it.

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