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Resplendent Tuscan interiors and architecture

Drawing inspiration from old world European architecture and design, the Tuscan-style décor resplendent with drama and elegance. Bring a touch of that classic old world charm into your home through beautiful handcrafted architectural arches and antique castle doors, a décor that looks refined, warm and gently aged, filled with the energies of ancient times. Telling stories of the old days, Haveli doors are carved with motifs that attract the energies of the universe and bring happiness to your home.

From kitchens to dining rooms and living rooms, no space will be left untouched by the beauty and elegance of spectacular Tuscan style. Doors framed with old teak columns and corbels, kitchen islands made from old teak doors and rustic cabinets, weathered patinated wood finishes, and eclectic home accents are best suited to Tuscan decor. Old world kitchens filled with European village charm, rustic wood tables and counters, warm reds and barn doors used for the pantry, style and warmth attract happiness and abundance.

From a newly built Mediterranean-style house to a stunning farmhouse that looks like it’s straight out of Tuscany, blending in completely with modern and futuristic appliances, the range of textures and patterns is so refreshing and full of character.

Built to last centuries, patinated with age and brimming with the warm energies of the past, these are the hallmarks of Tuscan décor. Recreate the glorious mood of sun-drenched Tuscan homes, with blue patina antique doors, be clever with architectural arches that accent the walls or are used to frame large porch windows, and fun-colored furniture like chests and tribal trunks, cotton blankets, and sheer curtains complete the look. Incorporate a century-old look, no matter how new the room, with unique vintage artifacts. Classic ceiling beams salvaged from an old barn or built from old timbers. Create the designer effect of the thick walls that help define a Tuscan room with a paint finish that has the texture and color variations of old plaster. Floors with large travertine tiles spread French-style or ceramic tiles with rounded edges give the most authentic look. Mid-tone hardwood floors give the appearance of worn-out, aged floors. Pashmina throws with tapestry-inspired motifs like jamavar evoke a historic aura. To complement the seats, choose upholstered pieces with covers that give it a worn look. Draw a connection between your home and its surroundings, bringing in the green of the gardens and the blues of the water, with beautiful arches defining the Patio doors. Choose a color palette that echoes the Tuscan countryside, such as the beautiful gold tones of rolling cornfields, the soft earthy green of olive leaves, and the reddish copper and sienna of the setting sun.

Tuscan houses were built with high ceilings and large windows and doors that were necessary cooling elements in times when there was no electricity. Create the feeling of volume and amplify the space by hanging sheer curtains from rods that touch the ceilings. Draw the eye upward with magnificent iron chandeliers, oversized mantel paintings made from antique corbels and architectural elements, and tall French lamps. A bed with a high headboard or canopy will give your bedroom the kind of regal fashion. Tuscan homes are simple country places that have built-in utility wood furniture, rustic stone kitchen tables used for rolling out dough, and antique door cabinets for storing extra bedding. Decorative elements such as wooden trays and old copper jugs used to store water. Choose accessories for your home that have a purpose. Hang serviceable etched brass plates and trays at the table for a feast. Add color and vibrancy with potted plants in the living room, or a tray of oregano, basil herbs on the window that you can also use for cooking.

With a palette of earth tones, an abundance of light, and sweeping views accented with old-world archways, a Tuscan-style home balances timeless old-world architecture and fresh interiors with stunning results and draws attention to a deep connection to nature. and the balance of living with the land.

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