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Best Google Website Tools of 2018

Google Analytics In this digital age, the importance of data to a business / website should never be underestimated. In fact, without proper website traffic tracking, a business is literally lost, especially when it comes to how to optimize the website and make full use of it. Whether your website runs in the form of […]

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Amazon Prime: The Benefits of Online Video Streaming

How good is Amazon’s Instant Video Subscription? By most accounts, the $ 99 per year cost is more than worth it. First, they offer you an on-demand movie selection style, where you can choose from a variety of genres on the on-screen interface. There’s a “Recently Watched” section, as well as Recommended Action & Adventure, […]

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Microbreweries / Wineries and mobile text marketing

Are you trying to expand your brand awareness? Do you have a new product to present to your fans? Are your racing promo nights still old-fashioned? I think you will find that mobile text marketing will have a direct and immediate impact on your marketing efforts. By contacting a local bar and scheduling a “tasting […]

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Get out of your home office and run for mayor!

Work from home: In my early days, alone, in a new company, I joined the growing ranks of entrepreneurs who work from home. Working from home had become the new buzzword for the wealthy baby boomer generation disillusioned with the corporate world and was forced by younger competition for our work to sacrifice our families […]

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Some Plumbing Basics for Home Inspection

When a home inspector inspects a home, the plumbing is one of the critical systems he examines for his report. Naturally, one of the first things you will do is check your faucets and fixtures for leaks. According to the American Waterworks Association, nearly 15 percent of all water used in a typical home is […]

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Information about the Siberian tiger

Residing in the coniferous and broadleaf forests east of the Amur River, Siberian tigers are solitary cats that enjoy a relatively quiet ecosystem devoid of much human activity. Occupying huge territories of up to four thousand square miles, these Amur tigers are often on the move, covering great distances in search of prey in their […]