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Orange Oil, The All-Purpose Natural Cleaner and Bug Killer

How many different chemicals do you have under your kitchen sink right now? Most people have dozens of different household cleaners and pesticides under the kitchen sink. Did you know that Orange Oil can do almost all your jobs? Orange oil contains the crude oil collected from the peel of citrus fruits during juice extraction. No heat is applied during this “cold pressing” process, which preserves the integrity of the oil. Orange oil is without a doubt the most versatile product for those looking for a natural remedy rather than a chemical one. This must-have cleaner also makes a great insecticide and can even be used to make weed killers! The secret behind why orange oil is so good is called D-limonene. D-Limonene is a natural solvent found in the peels of various citrus fruits and has numerous household applications.

Most people have a few different “go to” cleaners that they like to use depending on the surface they are cleaning. These cleaners often have multiple ingredients that are very harsh chemicals that are extremely toxic to people and pets. Several of the most popular all-purpose cleaners on the market actually say that you’ll need to wash all surfaces you use it on with water before the surface comes into contact with food. So you will have to double clean your kitchen counters to avoid CONTAMINATING your food with your cleaner. Why bother when you can clean it better the first time with something completely safe and non-toxic? Orange oil is a fantastic cleanser that is made from the natural oils in citrus peels and is highly concentrated. Mix two ounces per gallon of water to make a powerful cleaning solution. The product has an emulsifier mixed in, but you will still need to shake it well before use. Once mixed, this cleaner will clean any stuck-on grime on any surface! It’s a mild solvent, so test it on a small area of ​​the surface you want to clean first. Orange oil is great for sticking to doughs, like baked liquid on the stove or dried juice on the floor. It is ideal for cleaning the barbecue grill or for removing tar and other extremely stubborn masses. Always keep a bottle of blended orange oil under the sink and dispose of all other harsh chemicals properly.

The same qualities that make the oil a powerful cleaner also make it an extremely effective insecticide. All insects are covered with a waxy coating that protects them from drying out. Orange oil dissolves this layer and causes the insects to dry out, dehydrate and die. This is fantastic for treating many common insect pests. Mix two ounces of the citrus oil in 1 gallon of water or ½ ounce in a 32-ounce spray bottle. Then just spray on the pest. This is a contact killer. In other words, you must make contact with the insect for it to kill it. They do not die on contact, but a short time later. It can be used at home or in the garden. Orange oil is also great for making a soak to treat fire ant mounds. Add 6 ounces to a gallon of water to soak a mound. Take your gallon mix and start pouring it on the outside of the mound in a clockwise direction until you reach the center of the mound. For the soak, slowly so that it is absorbed and does not run off. Soak the entire mound. This drench is excellent to use when you are planting and digging into a mound. Fast-acting orange oil will have you replanting in minutes instead of waiting for a bait to work. Orange oil is a fast and effective pesticide that works on all insects and is great to use in your garden or around your home.

The next time you’re reaching for an all-purpose cleaner or a bottle of bug spray, think about the chemicals you’re spraying around your home. Why expose yourself to these toxic chemicals when there is a simple, effective and safe alternative available? Orange Oil has the power to tackle your cleaning and pesticide needs, whether it’s around the house or in the garden. Keep a bottle of orange oil under your sink and in your shed and you’ll be prepared for any disaster or pest.

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