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Mavina Set: Find out why you should wear the helmet if you’re worried about attack speed (Part 1)

The Battle Hymn of M’avina is a 5-piece set designed with a bow-wielding Amazon (commonly known as a Bowazon) in mind. Any class can use the helm, body armor, gauntlets, and belt, but only an Amazon can use the class-specific bow.

Here are the five elements and their individual analysis in the Set:

Note: The partial bonuses for each item are listed multiple times because you get a partial bonus for each of the other items in the set. For example, with M’avina’s True Sight, you get +1 to all abilities for equipping another item in the set. You receive a 50% bonus to attack rating when you have equipped two other items from the set. And if you wear the headband and three other items from the set, you get +25 to all resistances.

True Sight of M’avina (Headband Set)

Defense: 200-210

Level Requirement: 64

+150 Defense

Replenish Life +10

+25 mana

Attack Speed ​​increased by 30%

+1 to all skills (2 items)

50% bonus to attack rating (3 items)

All Resistances +25 (4 items)

Analysis: M’avina’s Battle Hymn’s helm comes equipped with 30% IAS and Replenish Life +10, both of which are very good mods. The former can help if your character is trying to break the max break point, and the latter is good for keeping you alive on Hell difficulty. However, all of the truly awesome mods only appear if you’re wearing other items from the set. +1 to all skills, a whopping 50% bonus to attack rating, and a 25% increase to all stamina – these are mods that are always in demand, and the 50% to AR really helps with melee characters. to body

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