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How to start a family heirloom

The beauty of an heirloom is that its price is irrelevant. Its value comes from the love between the people who give and receive it, and the special events that are happening in their lives at that moment. That’s what makes it priceless and timeless.

Many of us have treasured family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. These are the lockets and trinkets we’d grab (after kids and pets) if we had to leave the house in a hurry. A ceramic angel, invaluable because our dear grandmother gave it to us; a snow globe from an airport, priceless because our mother gave it to us after her first visit to our new home; our first wristwatch, which was worn by a father for many years.

Creating the gift that will become a family heirloom

But how do you create a gift that will be treasured by your children and passed down to your grandchildren as a family heirloom?

1. Expect a unique and special occasion, and give the gift at that moment. A graduation, a wedding, any anniversary, the birth of a child, the opening of a new business, a 21st birthday, the return of a family member from a long trip, there are countless opportunities to make the moment perfect.

two. Personalize your gift. If you give a music box, choose one with a song that is meaningful to both of you. Or choose a music box with decorative figurines on top to match the occasion, such as a 16th birthday party, concert or graduation. If you’re giving jewelry, inscribe it with a line from your recipient’s favorite poem.

Give a gift that will stand the test of time

Present the gift with enough fanfare that your recipient understands the love behind it. You can even suggest that they save it for their children.

Make sure the quality and workmanship of the item is impeccable. If you’re giving, say, your son and daughter-in-law a store-bought pendulum clock to start an heirloom, make sure it’s made right. Do some research and learn which are the most trusted brands. An heirloom, expensive or inexpensive, must reliably remain in one piece; it should be quite durable; And it should be from a reputable company. After all, it can’t be an heirloom if it breaks within a year or starts to look tattered after a short while. To get started with some ideas, feel free to look at a gift shop like treasure rocket and see if something speaks to you.

An heirloom grows in value because it has meaning in your family. A new piano you buy, given to your son when he grows up, has meaning. For her adult son and her children, this is the piano that mom (or grandma) played. That gives you value.

Family heirlooms are the physical manifestations of love and consideration. Every time your child or friend sees this music box, or whatever gift it is, it will be in their heart. And what makes an heirloom different from an ordinary gift is that you will also be in the hearts of generations to come.

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