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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men – Add An Extra 60 Minutes Right Away

In this article, I’ll show you how to last longer in bed for men and how to add an extra 60 minutes right away to your lovemaking session. I know this sounds like an exaggerated statement to say that you can last 60 more minutes just by reading this article. What I offer here is a change of perspective. It is effective if you have never thought about sex in this way and if it tends to take less than 15 minutes for a full lovemaking session on average.

So, you wonder. “How can I last longer in bed?” Let me ask you a question. What exactly do you mean by “last longer in bed”?

My guess is this. What you have in mind is a period of time from the moment you insert your penis into your lover and the moment you ejaculate. You want to increase the amount of time you stay inside your lover, and that’s what you mean by “last longer in bed.”

It is possible to increase your sexual stamina in this regard if you train properly. You can learn to last 60 minutes longer. But you have to commit to it and I can’t make it last 60 more minutes through this article alone.

What I can do, however, is ask you to look at the idea of ​​”last longer in bed” from a broader perspective. Think of a complete lovemaking session rather than how long you stay inside your lover. So from this perspective, “last longer in bed” is about how much time you spend with your partner in bed.

So if you want to last 60 more minutes in bed starting today in this regard, you can easily do so by spending more time on pre and post games.

A great way to spend more time on these activities is to do things slowly. For example, take off her clothes one by one. Kiss her lips. Around his neck. Your collarbones. Then you can slowly lower down to her breasts. Don’t jump directly onto your nipple, but you can slowly move your tongue towards it. Imagine how a snail moves. You can do it so slow.

When you do things slowly, it is very teasing and sensual. Plus, you can spend more time in bed!

But let’s not forget that our mission as a man is to give women the greatest pleasure while having fun. If you take more time and give her one or two orgasms on the clitoris from oral sex, then the intercourse part can be much more enjoyable for both her and you, no matter how long it lasts in this part (from again, you don’t). You don’t need to rush into it as well. Take your time!).

To quickly sum up my points, this is what I covered in this article.

– There are two ways to understand the idea of ​​lasting longer in bed.

– One way is to consider it as the amount of time you stay within your partner.

– You can also learn to last longer in this regard, but you need some commitment to learn this.

– The other way is to think of it as a complete lovemaking session.

– You can spend more time in bed and last longer from today in this regard.

– An excellent way is to do things slowly, because it makes them more sensual and pleasant.

– After all, sex is a complete package of foreplay, intercourse, and after-games. Be a man who can give his wife the greatest pleasure.

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