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How to have undeniable sex appeal with women

There are certain women who reek of sex appeal. We’re not sure exactly what it is that draws us so much, but nevertheless, here we are practically salivating for them. Well, you can actually have this same effect on beautiful women. The only difference is that men have it easier than women. We don’t need to be the most handsome, we just need to know how to convey certain traits better than other men.

How to have undeniable sex appeal with women

Here are 2 ways to have undeniable sex appeal with women…

Pursuit of happiness

Believe it or not, most women don’t like “tough guys.” These are the guys who walk around with a stern look on their faces that says “don’t mess with me.” They’re also not crazy about guys who are serious all the time. All work and no play means you probably lead a boring life.

Women want men who can instill certain emotions in them. They want guys who give them excitement and happiness. And the best way to do that is by being a positive dominant man.

In other words, BE HAPPY! Be positive. This will convey that you lead a happy, fulfilling and exciting life, exactly what women crave.

stand out

There is a term “peacock” that is used in the seduction community. What it essentially means is to wear something that draws a lot of attention. This could be a huge hat, sunglasses, a cool earring, or something else.

The important thing is that you shouldn’t wear anything too outrageous. It has to be enough to get women’s attention, but not enough to make people think you’re weird.

This, combined with intense positivity, is all you need to make real waves with women in social settings. You should see the peacock as the hook, and your positive dominant personality as what draws them in.

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