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How to drive a woman crazy just by talking! Here’s something no one will share with you

A common fact is that women take much longer to become sexually aroused compared to men. It only takes a wink or a glimpse of female flesh to turn a man on. However, women require a lot of work before they are ready for sex. One of the best ways to turn a woman on is simply by talking. This is how to drive a woman crazy just by talking …

o There is nothing like a quiet, romantic place to begin your process. With a glass of wine in front of you, start talking to her. Use your lowest and most sensual tone. Start off by complimenting her appearance, which is sure to impress her. Tell her how lovely and charming she looks in the shade of candlelight. Tell her how exciting her curves make you feel and how difficult it is to control yourself when you are with her. Hold her close to you and whisper lots of sweet things even while biting her earlobe and neck.

o If there is some distance between you and your woman, just call her on her phone and speak in a whisper to turn her on. Tell her how desperate you are to have her close and naked in your arms. Sensually describe what you plan to do with her once you get back together. This will make your woman mentally charged and stimulating and she can’t wait to come running to you.

o If you are classmates or work in the same office, just go to her and whisper the erotic dream you had last night. Don’t be too rude. Paint a romantic picture. Make up one if you didn’t actually have a dream. Make sure not to describe a porn scene, just an erotic and sensual one.

o In a crowded place, it is even more exciting when you whisper in her ear that you are dying to come home and hug her. Tell him how excited you are and what you plan to do as soon as you get home.

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