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Helping Pets Displaced from Hurricane Katrina

Temporary shelters are full and pets left behind by victims of Hurricane Katrina are showing up at shelters and humane societies across the South.

Many rescuers have given up trying to find the dogs and cats, instead leaving food and water for the unfortunate thousands of animals trying to survive.

The Humane Society of Atlanta currently shelters pets belonging to Hurricane Katrina evacuees in the Atlanta area and offers free medical assistance to any evacuee pet in need.

The Arizona Humane Society is in New Orleans trying to help support the pets left behind.

“It’s very terrible,” Kim Noetzel told Reuters News Service. Noetzel is the director of marketing for the Arizona Humane Society and the organization is doing what it can to help displaced dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Katrina.

We can all help too.

The Atlanta Humane Society is accepting donations for its relief efforts on its website,

PetSmart Charities Rescue is providing specially designed vehicles to transport dogs and cats from hurricane-ravaged areas to safety. More than 150 animals have been saved by the rescue effort of one of the largest pet store chains in the country.

Those who wish to support PetSmart’s efforts can make tax-deductible donations by calling 1-800-423-PETS or visiting has created a database to help reunite pets left behind by the disaster, as well as try to find homes for pets without one. The database, according to the website, features the following:

– A place where displaced hurricane victims post the location of their pets so rescuers can come in and save them.

– Rescuers post descriptions and photos of pets they find.

– Volunteers publish their foster offers for displaced pets. also has an area where those who want to help can make a donation to help the Foundation Disaster Fund.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Hurricane Katrina has left an estimated 30,000 pets homeless. Helpful websites like []can help reunite loved ones with the furry friends they had to leave behind.

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