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Five tips for updating your kitchen

The kitchen has become more than just a functional room and more of a hub for the whole house, it is the visual point of many modern kitchens, owners are increasingly looking for unique ways to add touches of style to their homes, to do so. exclusively yours. The ideal place to add your own personal design touch is the kitchen backsplash and it is a very affordable part of the kitchen to remodel.

The kitchen is the number one gathering place in many homes, whether it’s for entertaining guests and having coffee with the neighbors or just spending family time together while preparing a meal. The kitchen backsplash is positioned vertically right in the visitor’s line of sight to this area of ​​a home, a well-designed backsplash with subway glass tiles for example is a very affordable way to fix the cook in a budget-conscious way.

The following five tips can be used by any homeowner or designer to update their own or a client’s kitchen:

1. Choose the right materials. In previous decades, the most popular choice for kitchen backsplashes has been porcelain or ceramic tile. The last few years have seen a huge increase in glass meter, glass mosaics and tiles, the colors, shapes and designs are almost endless and are available online or at your local home store. Second, the rise in popularity of glass tiles has been driven by its functionality, it is very easy to clean and maintain with many cleaning solutions available on the market, thus supporting the tiles. In addition, it is not porous and does not require maintenance.

Glass tiles in mosaic or field sizes are always a good choice for the home kitchen backsplash area. Glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain and are a great way to add some color to any kitchen. Available colors with glass tile make it easy to blend into any theme in your home, bold or conservative glass tiles cover the full spectrum.

Previously, metal tile was too expensive for the average consumer, but with improvements in manufacturing, the cost per square foot like glass tile has dropped significantly without compromising quality. Metal mosaics can be installed as a complete backsplash in a modern or contemporary kitchen. Or, metal accent tiles look great as accent pieces in a ceramic tile installation or natural stone backsplash.

2. Match the color with the kitchen décor. When selecting a material for backsplashes, it is important that it matches the overall theme of the kitchen, taking into account the color of the cabinets, floors, faucets and flooring. With the backsplash, consider selecting one color as the “base” color and then select one or two (no more) “accent” colors as complementary components of your kitchen design.

3. Be careful when choosing tiles. A porous tile or unglazed tile near sinks or countertops, or even crisp new-style glazed porcelain tile.

Food and grease will splatter onto the backsplash on a cooking surface or near a sink, so choosing a porous or unglazed tile in these areas is generally not a good choice. Natural stone can be a great option but you need to remember to seal the tile and then reseal in 12-18 months, especially in the area in front of the cooktop, the homeowner can easily forget what could lead to staining . discoloration of gold over time.

4. Choose a design pattern and material that suits your kitchen theme. In many kitchens today, the overall theme is a tile or wood floor with a granite countertop and a complimentary backsplash material such as glass tile, making it the best looking kitchen in the neighborhood.

By far the most popular design is the classic Subway tile sizes of 1×2 “, 3×6” or even 4×8 “installed in the classic” step brick “pattern, it is an extremely cost effective way to transform your kitchen.

5. Add under-cabinet lighting to give any tile backsplash extra shine. Lighting is an important and very inexpensive element to emphasize color and shadows in a kitchen backsplash. Recessed cabinet lighting under mount will bring various accents in tile colors and can create a stunning display in any kitchen.

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