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Cindy Crawford – The Next Challenge Review

I’ve always loved Cindy Crawford’s workout videos and was so excited to get started on this one. Cindy Crawford The Next Challenge Workout is just that, a challenging workout that offers an hour of non-repetitive exercise that will entertain you with low-key music while you do a combination of lunges, squats, karate kicks, and jumping jacks.

With this exercise video, you will see that Cindy Crawford has greatly reduced her instructions for certain exercises. I especially like that a glossary was included at the end of the video, detailing the correct and incorrect way to do certain exercises. The video begins with a warm up followed by an aerobic exercise and a cool down that specifically targeted her back. I really liked the fact that someone included a section in the back, which is usually overlooked in many exercise videos. An added bonus in this video is when Cindy works her abs between each section.

Throughout the workout, breaks are taken periodically (about 15-20 seconds), which is enough time to take a few sips of water or “puff” as Cindy so wonderfully puts it, but it doesn’t allow the heart rate to drop.

I went to and checked out some of the reviews on Cindy Crawford-The Next Challenge and found most of the reviews to be very positive. This is what a customer wrote on

“This tape is about 64 minutes long, which after working so long you’re relieved it’s over, because it really is the ‘next challenge’.

The above is the tone most customers who reviewed the Next Challenge video on had. Clients feel that you have improved with your instructional guides and the overall quality of the exercise.

Someone once asked me why I needed to watch an exercise video over and over once I had memorized the steps. The only thing I could glean from that question is that they have obviously never worked with the Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge video, where Cindy shows up with her “girl-next-door” appeal that is both calming and uplifting and makes you want to make your best.

Cindy collaborated with Radu on this exercise video equals a true winner. I sweated, I gasped, I felt my muscles burn, all in all I had a really challenging workout. For anyone who is up for a challenge and wants to gain knowledge on how to perform exercises correctly, I highly recommend Cindy Crawford-The Next Challenge.

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