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Being the parent of an irritable toddler

Young children are by design a little cranky from time to time (perhaps all the time in some cases). It is something normal in the process of going from baby to child. It is a time when they can do some things, like enjoy movies. But I can’t do other things, like decide when the movie turns off. It’s not always easy to walk your child through the pros and cons without getting frustrated. However, there are some things you can do to make raising a cranky child a little less stressful.

The terrible twos, as they are called, can start as early as your child’s first birthday. So don’t worry if your child starts exhibiting two terrible traits before he’s two years old. These things can be biting, freaking out in public, throwing themselves on the floor in resistance to certain activities in the home, and many other related activities. It can seem overwhelming at times, but here are a couple of tips for raising a cranky toddler:

oh be calm when you are disciplining your toddler. Don’t fight fire with fire. If he is screaming, his child will scream even louder. A calm and in control voice lets them know that you are not angry but that you are the boss.
oh Be consistent. Your toddler will react very positively to a set schedule. Eat lunch, take naps, etc., at the same time every day. It makes their life more comfortable when they know what to expect on a regular basis.
oh Don’t get carried away by tantrums. Also, start implementing timeouts. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll be surprised how effective the threat of a little timeout can be (after you’ve timed them out a few times, of course).

These three things applied together will reap enormous benefits. However, one of the most important things you can do is set a good example. Your child is all eyes and ears all the time. Observing how you deal with stress and conflict is one of the main ways they learn to deal with stress and conflict. So giving them a good example to base their actions on is very important when raising a cranky child!

In general, remember to have fun! The toddler period is one of the best phases for you and your child. By implementing some of these basic techniques and others, you’ll be able to spend less time getting upset or frustrated and more time spending quality time with your little one.

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