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Singapore hotels

Looking for a hotel in Singapore? There are numerous types of accommodation to suit all budgets and preferences on the island for your travel needs. They range from affordable, budget hotels to boutique and five-star hotels. If you search hard, you can find good deals and deep discounts for your accommodation, from the commercial area […]

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No spoon

I am a huge fan of the Matrix movie. He has an epic scene where Neo sees a boy bending a spoon without even touching it, and he begins to wonder how the hell he did that. And then Neo tries to do the same but before trying: The child says, “Don’t try to bend […]

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Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen Review

The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation was brought into the world, delivering even better sound and better looks. The Echo Show was one of those devices that when it was first released to the market, not everyone was sure what it offered. After all, he was up against some of the biggest names in video […]

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Steps to perform an operational analysis

Once organizations develop brilliant plans to ensure their competitiveness, the truth is that producing the desired results is the biggest challenge. A good strategic plan provides a long-term direction to give your company a competitive advantage. But how do you ensure that people on the ground meet the objectives and efficiently? Managers often wonder how […]

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Find the best atlas in the world

Every home needs a good world atlas. While MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, and Google Maps may have surpassed traditional street maps for our directional needs, there will always be a place for a beautiful, full-color, hardcover atlas. You can read profiles of different countries or cities at a glance, get travel tips, reference information, teach kids […]

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Big Bad Buicks – Are you a 3 or 4 Holer?

It all started in 1949, post-war creativity gave birth to Buick’s fender hatches or ventiports. The combination of “fighter jet exhaust pipes”, along with a “bombsight” (ring through rocket) hood ornament introduced in 1946, simulated a driver’s own fighter plane. A true tribute to the men and women of the armed forces. Buick’s chief stylist […]

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Gift exchange ideas for teens

What does the teenager who has it all get? What about the teenager you don’t know very well? Gift exchanges are becoming more popular than ever at teen Christmas parties. Often times, these gifts have to be within a certain price range (usually quite cheap), but you also want them to be something that others […]