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Are prefab granite countertops still natural granite?

If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable, and slightly less expensive alternative to granite countertops, then you can’t go wrong choosing precast granite. However, just because they cost a bit less doesn’t mean it’s not granite. Rather, prefab granite countertops are granite; they have simply been made from granite slabs that have been pre-cut and refinished at a central factory and then shipped to a dealer for sale.

These prefabricated granite countertops are very popular as they allow homeowners who want to have granite countertops in their home, but want to save money, have all the beauty of granite for less. In fact, one can get a 2′ x 8′ x 3/4″ precast slab for about $300. But cost is only one of the reasons people go for precast granite countertops, here are some The other reasons why many homeowners are choosing precast granite:

One of the reasons this type of countertop is cheaper is because the dealer does not have to charge as much for labor as the pieces are already prepared and finished.

· Installation costs are lower with prefabricated countertops.

· Precast granite has all the durability, movement, strength and beauty of granite. Of course, that means the care and maintenance needs are the same as well.

· You are sure to find a countertop to suit your needs and the design of your room, as there are a plethora of styles and sizes to choose from.

· Just like full slab granite countertops, prefabs will add value to your home.

Because using prefabricated granite countertops means taking the exact dimension before ordering, it takes less time to install, which also saves you labor costs.

· Prefabricated granite countertops usually come with an attached backsplash, which, with custom granite, would have to be purchased separately.

· Prefabricated countertops have a special finish applied that protects and maintains the stone surface, further protecting your investment.

However, like most things in life, having precast granite countertops does have some downsides, and it’s wise to consider them if you’re thinking of using precast granite. These cons include the following:

· Prefabricated granite countertops aren’t available in the wide range of colors that granite comes in, but chances are you can find something you love.

· There are a limited number of installation options, so if you have an oddly shaped space or have ledges and curves, you may need to use traditional countertops.

· With prefabricated granite countertops, you can’t choose from a variety of edge finishes as they are all uniform, this is part of what contributes to their lower cost!

Whether you choose to get prefabricated granite countertops or the more expensive granite countertops, you are sure to be satisfied. At Universal Stone in Minnesota, there are many granite specialists who will be happy to answer any of your questions about granite countertops.

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